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Two Month $100 Billion Giveaway Sweepstakes Begins in Tallahassee

Source: Wilton Simpson Kicks Off 2022 Legislative Session by Jason Delgado, Florida Politics; 1/11/22

Simpson highlighted the importance of state investment into roadways and seaports. He noted the ongoing supply chain crisis and further emphasized the importance of environmental protection.

I agree with Senate President Simpson here about the need for infrastructure investment, so the pulled quote and the sensational headline might be a little much. However, as someone who has been to Tallahassee asking for money on behalf of organizations I represented, there's certainly some truth behind it.

The legislative session begins today, Tuesday, and will run exactly 60 days until March 11. Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed $99.7 billion budget that lawmakers will examine and allocate.

The truth is this is pretty grueling work. Good luck to the elected officials, their staff and the numerous advocates who are about to enter the sweepstakes.


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