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Political Newcomer Farley Frist Eyes 2024 Citrus County Run

NOTE: This is satire, not a real news story.

The 2022 election season may have concluded last night but 2024 is already heating up. Brand new county resident and political newcomer Farley Frist has announced his intentions to seek local office.

Frist hesitated when asked what political party he was with, giving several answers before settling on "probably the Green Party" as his final choice.

When asked what seat he would like to run for, Frist replied whichever one he could win before issuing a correction, "or help the people, I guess."

Frist said Citrus County felt like a great place to start over, but then changed that answer as well to saying it was the place to try something new and emphasized he's never been involved in politics before no matter how familiar he looks.


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