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Gov. DeSantis Mistakenly Deletes Half of Citrus Projects from Budget, Claims Veto Rather Than Error


The Governor's line item veto pen cut roughly $3.1 billion from the Florida budget on Thursday including around $44 million from Citrus County alone - over half of what the legislature had awarded.

According to people familiar with the process, this might have been in error.

"He accidentally deleted the whole page that was mostly Citrus County projects," said an aide who was in the room during the veto process. "Everyone started giving him advice on how to undo it but we couldn't remember if it was control-V or control-Z or how to recover the deleted text."

One of the many projects included less than $170,000 for a high school construction academy.

"I mean, the Governor was just in Citrus County three weeks ago talking about the importance of technical education," the aide said. "Do you really think we would have intentionally done this?"

The residents of Beverly Hills and Homosassa, who saw their restoration projects also cut from the budget while Crystal River's almost all survived, are not buying the excuse.

"We've seen this before," a Homosassa resident said. "Several, several times."


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