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Rumor of Target Coming to Citrus County Wins Award for Most Shared Story in All of 2022

Source: Just Wright Citrus Facebook page by Mike Wright.

The county received an application for a big-box store and outparcels on the northwest corner of County Roads 486 and 491.

While the application for “Beverly Hills Crossing” doesn’t identify the tenants, someone in the know confirmed for me not once, but twice that the anchor is a Target store. County planners just received the application three weeks ago and are still going through it. Eventually it’ll make its way to the county commission for a vote but we’re a ways off from that.

With over 300 shares on the Just Wright Citrus Page and an additional 550+ shares on Citrus County Live, the Citrus County Concurrent has officially awarded the mere rumor of Target coming to Citrus County as the most shared story in all of 2022.

"Sure we're only a week into the new year," Concurrent publisher Bobby Winsler said on Jan. 7, "but, come on, we can go ahead and call this one. Congratulations to the rumor story on winning this prestigious award."

Other events to occur in 2022 include the Suncoast Parkway opening, hurricane season, the midterm elections and an infinite number of unpredictable outcomes. Even so, the Concurrent feels absolutely certain nothing will top Target...unless Chick-Fil-A makes the same announcement.


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