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Fiscal Conservative Candidate, Banned from Ride Share, Saves Money by Driving Self to Citrus Tonight

Source: There is no direct source for this as the headline has some satirical elements. U.S. Congressional candidate Laura Loomer, who is challenging incumbent Congressman Daniel Webster in the 2022 primary, speaks tonight to Club 45 at the Citrus County Realtors' Association. Loomer was banned from ride share companies Uber and Lyft after a 2017 anti-Islamic tweetstorm.

Uber and Lyft do exist in Citrus County. As I'm writing this there's actually one Uber only a couple minutes away from me in a neighborhood near downtown Inverness.

I used both companies all the time when I lived in Tampa and Gainesville, but now when I go to visit, I try to use them as infrequently as possible because they have become crazy expensive.

That's why I see some fiscal responsibility to Laura Loomer's decision to either catch a ride with someone she knows or drive herself to her speaking engagement in Citrus tonight. Sure it wasn't her choice because of an inexcusable, prejudicial outburst on social media that led to her removal from the apps, but who can argue with the conservative values of saving the extra buck?


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