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Dinosaur-Sized Alligator in Traffic Falls Short of Impressing True Floridians

Source: Citrus County Live Facebook Post

Okay the headline might even be a little misleading. This little guy has some heft but he's not really big enough to turn heads of true Floridians like me.

This video is totally redeemed by the amazing song playing in the background so watch it with sound on if you haven't already. Huge kudos to Ryan and Krystal of Citrus County Live for finding that gem.

But I'm going to give this a little pushback. An alligator in traffic just doesn't do it for me anymore. I've seen it too many times. I need something more out of my gators to be truly impressed.

What I'd really like to see more than anything would be a gator chasing someone running away in serpentine pattern where the gator follows the person's zig-zagging. We were all taught that evasive maneuver in grade school and I've never once used it. I thought I would be running from gators at least once a month as an adult with the amount we practiced it.

I'm not even fully positive gators don't just run in a straight line to catch us until I see it. Get that on video, overlay the amazing song from this video and I think you have an Oscar-worthy short film. Make it happen CC Live!


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