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Concurrent Writers Pop Popcorn as Other Outlets Disagree for Once

SOURCES: Event makeover welcome addition to Inverness by Chronicle Editorial Board, Citrus County Chronicle; 5/6/22 and Did Sunny Cooter OK this Plan by Mike Wright, Just Wright Citrus; 5/6/22

Well it was bound to happen and it finally did. Both opinion pieces written today in other outlets take diverging opinions. For the first time in...maybe ever, the Concurrent doesn't have to be the dissenting voice.

So what is this mystery topic? This issue so prominent that others take up the helm of respectful disagreement? Is it roads? Library displays? Sheriff's Office budget? Nope.

It's the Cooter Fest.

Without a dog in this fight, the Concurrent's official position is we enjoyed the festival in its previous forms and will likely enjoy it in its future ones. Or maybe we won't. Who cares, as long as we aren't the ones in the center of the debate.


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