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Citrus Libraries Need a Lin-Manuel Miranda Theme Song

Source: Settle this commissioners and let's please move on by Mike Wright. Just Wright Citrus; 12/30/21

We don't talk about Bruno. If you have kids or grandkids and they've discovered Disney's new movie Encanto then that sentence just ruined your week because for the next several days you'll be singing the song even when you beg your mind to stop. If you haven't heard it, you can listen here.

That pretty much feels like where we're at with this library debate. It's been going on since June, and for over half a year now, we're not really any closer to resolution. Except for now because I have the answer.

If you've been reading pop culture headlines, you'll notice something weird happening. Everyone hates Lin-Manuel Miranda. The Right thinks he's too liberal and the Left thinks he's not nearly tolerant or inclusive enough.

99.9% of people just enjoy the wonderful talent he brings into the world, such as the music in Encanto which he wrote, but the 0.1% on either side will never be happy and want to debate it endlessly. It's starting to sound a little bit like our library situation.

So here's my idea: if we're going to keep having this discussion, we could at least make it in lyrical form so it's catchy enough to deserve being stuck in our heads for extended periods of times. The library needs a Lin-Manuel Miranda theme song. Problem solved. Now on to world peace.


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