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Chronicle Gives Community Goals Grades That Make Me Feel Better About High School

Source: Community Goals for 2021 was Hit and Miss by Chronicle Editorial Board, Citrus County Chronicle 12/26/21

I was never a great classroom student. My grades tended to rhyme - a lot of Bs, Cs, Ds with never much on either the extreme good or bad.

Now years later the county comes along and makes me feel much better about myself. Every year, the Chronicle grades progress on their set of community goals and the county this year makes my mediocrity look like a Harvard-bound honors student.

Universal garbage? F. Empowering communities to move forward? I'm not really sure what that means but they got an F. Overall there were two Fs, two Ds, three Cs, and three Bs. When you add in the fact that some where a C- or B+, it is a 1.80 GPA.

I had a few semesters in the 2.somethings but never slipped into the 1.80 range. Thank you, Citrus, for making me feel better about my chronic academic underachieving.


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