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Blame It on Them Kentucky Boys, Publisher Emeritus Argues

Source: Recognition is extension of work by Gerry Mulligan, Citrus County Chronicle; 1/9/22

Readers and employees all need to remember that there is a new owner of the newspaper – Paxton Media of Paducah, Kentucky.

These folks are dedicated newspaper people who have their own ways of doing things. As the changes have been implemented, there may have been a few bumps along the way. Those are inevitable in any transition.

In fairness to Gerry and new publisher Trina Murphy, I have made this exact argument in past podcasts that the Chronicle's recent difficulties far more coincide with the business ownership change than the change in publishers. Also, some changes to the publication certainly don't need justification such as the new e-edition reader, which is quite comprehensive once you get the hang of it.

Still, these incessant apologies have long since become tiresome to the public and I can only imagine what they do to the internal relationship with the new corporate owners. After all, every healthy relationship is founded on the basis of, "it's not me; it's you" right?


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