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Aug 26, 2022
In General Discussion: National
The truth always comes out in the end but the damage is already done. I’ve had many lively discussions with people about the 2020 election. I have said numerous times that the election fraud happened before one vote was even cast. The media along with the complicit federal agencies like the FBI were suppressing damaging stories about the Biden family and pushing false narratives about the Russian involvement in the Hunter Biden’s laptop revelations. Social media and legacy news organizations were too eager to suppress those stories that they knew were true and disseminate false news to help elect Democrats in the 2020 election, including but not limited to just Biden. They rallied many voters to go to the polls to vote against Trump, not to vote for Biden, who hardly came out of his basement to campaign and drew little enthusiasm from the voters. Now it’s been revealed by Mark Zuckerberg, in a Joe Rogan interview that the FBI was instrumental in Facebook’s decision to suppress the Hunter Biden’s laptop story and claim that it was Russian disinformation. For this reason, I believe that the election fraud happened before a single vote was cast and not on Election Day.
Election fraud in the 2020 elections 
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