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Paper that Publishes Daily Anonymous Attacks on Other People Mandates Civility in Letters to Editor

SOURCE: Let's focus on making Citrus a better place by Jeff Bryan, Citrus County Chronicle; 5/1/22

Second, no calling out letter writers by name. If you want to squabble amongst each other, you can do it privately. One needs to remember, letters are the opinion of the writer, who should support their opinion with factual information. Gone are the days of back-and-forth rebuttals of other letter writers occur.

Okay, this is the same original source link as yesterday with a different headline, but it's such a ridiculous piece of writing that its warranted.

Read the above quote from the Chronicle's new letters to the editorial and just remember that this is the same newspaper that publishes the "Hot Corner" to allow people to do exactly what the above states is now against the paper's policy except worse because it is anonymous.

The Concurrent has written a lot recently about commentary writers not being self-aware but this takes it to a whole new level. There is no punchline here because the joke writes itself. What a world.


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