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Man Thinks He's in Line for Culver's, Accidentally Enters Library Display Debate

Source: There is no source here. This is a satirical story except for the last paragraph.

An Inverness man waited in line for hours only to have his effort end in disappointment.

"I wasn't that hungry, but I saw a long line and guessed it was for people waiting to order at that new place," the man said, "I was starving by the time it was my turn."

That turn wasn't what he had hoped. Instead of fresh-faced worker at a front counter, he found himself behind a podium faced with five finely dressed elected officials. The man had accidentally waited in line to speak during the public portion of the library display debate rather than at the brand new Culver's in Inverness.

"I knew a lot of people had been yelling, but I figured that was just excitement over butter burgers," the man said as he finished his disappointing lunch from a gas station. "I didn't know what to do at the podium so I just said I agreed with the person who spoke before me. I have no idea which side of the debate I actually took."

The public portion of the library display debate lasted for about three hours on Tuesday and was well over four hours before a decision was reached. A motion to enact a new policy prohibiting displays having to do with sexual orientation failed 2-3 with Commissioners Scott Carnahan and Ron Kitchen in favor of creating the new policy. Commissioners Holly Davis, Ruthie Schlabach and Jeff Kinnard ultimately decided to keep the policy the same.


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