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Less Summer Rain Needed to Produce Same Flooding Results, Government Inaction

SOURCE: Last year's rain record still affecting Citrus' lakes, river by Michael D. Bates, Citrus County Chronicle; 5/3/22

“That means it will take less rain this summer to reach the same peaks we saw last year,” said Mark Fulkerson, chief professional engineer with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).

This story isn't a laughing matter so it's borderline disrespectful putting it in this section. Comedy, though, might be the only way to draw attention to it so that people start taking it more seriously.

Last year was a political hot potato of the county blaming the state, the state blaming FEMA and the people blaming the county for not providing any relief from horrendous flooding that occurred. This year both the flooding and the government inaction is expected to be worse.

On the plus side, the Nature Coast Woodcarvers are having a sale this weekend on Gospel Island. I highly suggest checking it out for an ark because that might be the only relief that is coming.


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