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Citrus Exhales Sigh of Relief as Election Season Finally Arrives

It took until the year of the election, but Citrus finally has its first contested countywide race.

While candidates have flocked to replace Representative Ralph Massullo in the state house while Dr. Massullo runs in a contested race for state senate, neither of these elections are guaranteed to represent all of Citrus County.

The redistricting process is ongoing, and while it is likely both districts will include all of Citrus as they do now, it is not certain. So when Stacey Worthington filed her paperwork yesterday to enter the district 2 commission race as a Republican, she created the only countywide contested election as a candidate vying against Diana Finegan.

After a 2020 election season that Pat Crippen started before the 2018 primary season had even concluded, Citrus needed a break. But this rest time was starting to turn to panic mode as it looked like new faces would be sworn in without any competition.

Hopefully now candidates will begin filing for the other district 4 seat, currently only Inverness first responder David Lanier is a candidate, as well as the three school board seats, the two mosquito control board seats and a host of municipal seats as well.


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