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The Punishment will Continue until Gratitude Improves, Chronicle Editor Says

SOURCE: Let's focus on making Citrus a better place by Jeff Bryan, Citrus County Chronicle; 5/1/22

With that in mind, we’re moving forward with a set of new guidelines for Letters to the Editor.

First, for those who continually want to address national issues, we will publish two letters per month. Your letter must focus on one issue or legislation; no blanket rebukes of either party; and; lastly, no name calling.

Let's look past the part where this declaration opened with condescendingly calling the commentary writers national pundits which is an example of the very same name calling which now gets you removed from the pages of the Chroncile and move on to main reason why this is a bad idea.

People want to be treated like adults, even when the arguments can get childish. Steer the conversation back to the civil through leadership; don't act as the authoritarian taskmaster set to dole out punishment! We'll see how this bold new strategy works since the same guidelines were announced the previous April as well and held out a whole two months until June when they were subsequently dropped.


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