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Citrus County Commission Prepares for Another Full Day of being Yelled at

SOURCE: Parkway Lights, Farm Suitors and Manatees on BOCC Agenda by Michael D. Bates, Citrus County Chronicle; 5/10/22

In addition to the regular meeting at 1 p.m., there is also an 8 a.m. meeting of the Library Advisory Board and a 9 a.m. workshop of airports and infrastructure.

Though none of the topics on today's agenda are particularly controversial, the BOCC is likely in for another full day of being yelled at by members of the public.

It is in the job description, and I can say from years of campaigning experience, the path to get on the board is similar albeit it is usually supporters who are telling you how to do your job better.

Once you're there, everyone else joins the chorus as well. Good luck today, Commissioners.


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