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Administrator Randy Oliver Announces Departure Timeline of Three High Profile Resignations from Now

SOURCE: Countdown to new county administrator by Michael D. Bates, Citrus County Chronicle; 5/4/22

If the timeline holds, Citrus County will have a new county administrator by Sept. 5.

The county has announced its schedule of hiring Administrator Randy Oliver's replacement and it looks like he will be leaving his role in September, or to put it another way, roughly the amount of time it will take an estimated three more high quality employees to decide to leave.

The administration has already seen four leadership positions within county departments vacated in the last seven months as a report surfaced that staff morale is low.

"I'm betting it's going to be parks & rec to open up next - maybe economic development," said one Citrus Countian not knowing that the economic development director had already resigned earlier this year.

We reached out to the director of code enforcement for comment, but that position had also been vacated earlier this year.


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