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A news aggregator of local stories without paywalls and opinion-based multimedia editorials about Citrus County current events available free for people who want to stay in the know on the go

The Multimedia Approach

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750 word column, a three minute read, published every Thursday & Sunday

Tube Microphone in Studio


Weekly podcast airs every Tuesday with other audio content like column reads

Film Student


Informative video report broadcast every other Saturday, twice monthly

Laptop Work


Discussion boards for the best conversation in

Citrus County

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Our Story

The Concurrent was started out of a need for

a free outlet to keep our county informed.

No paywalls, no paid subscriptions -- only local updates any way you like to get your news. 

Bobby Winsler, the publisher of the Concurrent, has managed over a dozen elections in Citrus County and has been involved in Greater Tampa Bay politics for over a decade first entering the scene in 2010.


He has a Ph.D. from the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications and is a visiting asst. professor of advertising

& public relations at the University of Tampa. 

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